Dear Mr. Rose,

I posted a blog a few days ago Some Digg Functionality is Broken Ohhhh It Hurts highlighting some of the issues I was having with Digg. The intent as you'll note was not to bash Digg in any way, only to highlight problems I was having with the site, and the solution I had found to work around the issues until such time that they were corrected.

Digg Button Kit
Image courtesy Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

I have to admit ... I was really surprised by the popularity of the piece on Digg, and the responses from your users. I have been able to surmize two things from the responses to this piece:
1) you have many loyal Diggers, who care passionately about the Digg platform and community. I did sense a growing sense of frustration amongst your user base though, given the issues at hand.
2) there are so many more issues with the site than I was aware of, and people are begging and pleading to have them fixed.

So, I've taken the liberty of summarizing the problems experienced as per comments in response to the posting, in hopes that you could please expedite the process of having the issues fixed. I've also included some work arounds and suggestions found by some individuals in hope that it may shed some light on the causes of some of the issues. Here they are:

Problem #1: Indicator Charts Numbers Frozen
Digg 'fails' to update a user's Diggs or Submissions in important indicator charts (see here) The system seems stuck or frozen ... perhaps as long as a week ago.

Problem #2: Comments
There are reports that the comment window grays out and freezes when using:
Safari 3 for Windows
Safari 3 for Leopard
Opera 9.2, 9.5
IE6, IE7

Other "Comment" issues discussed:
Attempting to submit a comment sometimes fails with the message Your session has expired, please refresh the page before commenting. However, reloading the page or even logging out and back in doesn't solve the problem.
Using Unicode characters in a comment makes the comment hard double-spaced.
Long URLs are truncated when you edit a comment.
Have to use firefox to comment, but then Digg crashes/freezes randomly
One person reports that sometimes comments do not get updated
Same person reports that "I sometimes don't see in my profile stories I commented on, but they're visible when I go to the story"
"... Problems like digging or burying a comment causes the comment to just flash constantly and never really change until I refresh. This is annoying when you bury a comment because the comment collapses and grows until you refresh the page."
Three people note that they can only make 1 edit to a comment, even within the allotted time. "Submit Comment" is grayed out after 1 edit.
Another notes "seeing extra spaces in my comments if I enter a carriage return."
Digg alters the formatting of certain comments when submitted
Typing special characters (eg. :, !, ?, etc.) in comments after links out to other sites, often returns a 'site doesn't exist' error (here)
One person reports that clicking on "Comments" within a "Friends Activity" page, terminates at a page showing random comments on that submission. (maybe their comment wasn't in the first 50 ... see next comment)
If your comment is in the first 50, the link to your comment works. If it's not in the top 50, it doesn't work.
Pages load very slowly when clicking the link to read other's comments
One person reports, "about two weeks ago, the comments on most of the past articles have either disappeared or load only partially".
Once mentioned; "they also don't truncate URL's correctly, so on that page or even on your own comments page, the "see comment" link can get messed up because the link tag before it doesn't get closed."
"When I click to view comments 51-100 or whichever, if i go leave the page and come back and try to see those comments again, they won't appear."

Problem #3: Shout Issues
Some people cannot send shouts at all. Not sure if this has been rectified by the new Shout System ... I'm sure we'll see some comments here answering that question.
There is much confusion about limits ... is there a maximum amount of friends you can shout to, and if so, how many?

Problem #4: Shout Reply Issues
I've experienced this problem first hand, and others have made mention too; in many cases I cannot reply to a comment using Firefox. When I hit "Reply to Comment", I'm taken to the correct page, but no 'comment box" appears. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but intermittently. Others are saying:
can't reply in Opera

Problem #5: Random Logouts
Some people are reporting they are being logged out of Digg without ever having navigated away from the site.

Problem #6: Other Issues of Note
The "Sort by most Diggs" in advanced search doesn't work.
Problems viewing my friends/history/submissions pages.

Suggestions for Improvement:
1) access to see number of people who buried a story
2) access to type of bury (inaccurate, etc.)
3) When the 'Shout' button is hit to send the shouts, please acknowledge that something is happening. If it takes minutes, then tell us the shout is being processed and sent.
4) Add "Delete Comment" functionality
5) Ability to sort comments by "Nested Comments"

Work Around Suggestions for Users:
If you're using Firefox and have the Web Developer extension installed, use "Forms > Enable Form Fields" to re-enable those buttons.
Camino permits at least one person to comment effectively.

At the end of the day, if you could please communicate with us (your users) to acknowledge that you are working on correcting these issues, that would be really appreciated! An ETA would be even better. Perhaps you could do so via your blog, much as Matt Cutts does from Google. It gives the company a persona, a face, a personality. Digg is afterall part of the web 2.0 movement, which is supposed to facilitate better 2-way communication, rather than one-directional preaching and selling.

Thank you in advance!