7 Things A Plumber Can Do To Get Noticed

man holding a sign which reads I'm Joe The Plumber

Make your brand on the web by making a name for yourself.

1. Educate Kids

Take a couple of kids under your care. Teach them the job, teach them a skill.

Blog the process.

Better: have them blog their progress.

Best: have both sides blog. They talk about their experience; you talk experience.

2. Create Flowcharts

You know what common problems your customers encounter and you answer their questions about it time and time again.

Repurpose that knowledge and information by creating flowcharts that help people identify what the problem is and whether they might be able to fix it themself or not.

3. Answer A Question

Use social networks to find people who have problems. Answer their questions.

Set a fixed day, time and duration: the doctor is in.

4. Be A Savior: Donate Time

Find people who need help. Help them with simple things.

5. Identify Parts

Create pages showing common objects and parts. Name them, explain them.

6. Win A Fix

Throw a bunch of common repairs up there; give people a chance to win one.

Win it, fix it, blog it.

7. Help The Elderly

Set some time aside to make a tour through the neighborhood to repair dripping faucets and runny toilets for the elderly.

Question: what other ideas can you come up with to promote?

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