Its an easy habit to get into " submitting your website to hundreds of directories. After all, any links are good links, right?


Links are great, yes, but only if they come from decent quality and relevant websites. A link profile thats made up of thousands upon thousands of poor quality directories probably wont be of much benefit.

What to Look for

  • The Big Directories. There are a number of well known premium directories, including Yahoo Directory, BOTW, and DMOZ. All of these have a moderation process in place. They are trusted sites and can be great directories for building domain authority. Apart from DMOZ, all charge for submission. DMOZ is free but its not easy to get accepted.
  • PageRank. Toolbar PageRank as a quick SEO feedback mechanism remains useful " and directories with good PageRank are a good port of call.
  • Manual moderation. On the whole, directories that clearly state they have a manual moderation process in place are great.  Sites in these directories have come under human scrutiny for relevance and on the whole you have less chance to be grouped with a bunch of cr so-so sites.
  • Relevance. As well as the bigger directories mentioned above, do a search for directories relating specifically to your niche area, for example home improvements directories, or finance website directories. Submitting to these will be great for relevancy " but again avoid the all-too-easy-free-for-all-no-moderation, sites.

What NOT to Look for

  • If a directory is not brand new yet is not indexed within Google, theres probably a reason. I would steer clear of directories that cant get themselves indexed!
  • A free for all. If theres no moderation process whatsoever and you can just freely submit link after link after link and immediately have them live then avoid it. This is likely to be a haven for spammers.