Ranking factors and where things are going

There are a couple of links I wanted to point out to everyone today. The first is the Search Engine Ranking Factors compiled by Randfish. The list is comprised of factors that can influence ranking at the major search engines, both positively and negatively. This list is based on Rand's opinions as well as those of a few people at SEO Chat. It is not intended to be an absolute certainty of factors, but rather a good guideline to use when thinking about the various things that may help you in your SEO quest. Rand, in my opinion, has blossomed from a SEO newbie to one of the very top SEO minds in the world today. When Rand speaks his mind, I listen. I think you should too.

Another interesting link for the day is Eweek's What's It All About Google? article that discusses the strange departures that Google has taken as they've spun out into so many non-search directions over the past couple of years. How do all these projects that Google is (or is supposed to be) doing fit-together? Is there a plan here?

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