This is actually number 6 on my list of New Year Resolutions, but that is only because it is the only work related one. However, it is certainly not the least important!

In the last year I have had to change the way I work. If you read my previous posts you have picked up on that. For example, in May I wrote Online Diversification A Vital Strategy For Survival which is in direct response to the troubles I was having with my main website. I was relying too heavily on one website, one narrow niche, one traffic source and then got thumped by the infamous Google Panda update.

I am pleased to announce that my plans to diversify are still underway as I am working harder on alternative sites and also making attempts to break into the dark and misty (maybe that is my problem) world of Social Media, I am left with a somewhat haphazard approach to work. I am flying by the seat of my pants! Well, not flying, just, winging it. I need to change. I need to be more structured, more organized.

Ok, those that know me well will know that I am actually very organized on paper. I have numerous spreadsheets detailing what I should be doing and when. However, just as I am the type of person to draw up a pretty plan of action, I am also the very sort of person to totally ignore it. I can go a week without looking at my weekly writing and SEO planner. But, at least I have one!

Never miss a beat:


So that leads me to my New Year Resolution to be more organized. I am hoping that it will extend beyond work though, or at least, to be more organized in my work will have a positive knock on effect to my personal time. If I can get everything done during the day then I have more time to study (I am still reading Health Sciences with the Open University) and exercise before it gets "too late".

My last post, On The Road to Recovery A Panda Success Story in Two Parts, was certainly more positive. Although part 2 has yet to be written, as it is still in the making! Since that was published a month ago I have managed to increase traffic by another 2.4%. Not a huge leap, but every little counts in this game line of business.

So, for me, next year is the year that I make my plans more actionable and set goals that I can achieve. My current schedule is impossible to maintain, which is why I keep failing and then end up giving up on the plan and winging it. I simply do not have the time to do all the things that I want to do. The problem is, I have a habit of doing the things that I enjoy the most first. This is fine when you are a hobby blogger but does not work when you are running a business. Winging it used to work, in the days when traffic was healthy and fresh content was all that was required, but now I need to be more business like. A man with a plan.

You can see all of my new year resolutions on the note attached to this article; 2012 New Year Resolution to Lose Weight and Get Fit. I have no idea how I am going to find the time to improve my photography. I think the entire plan hinges on the success (or failure) of implementing item six.