1) Not enough competitor research

Because its much more fun to some up with your own ideas, and do things instead of conduct research, most marketers dont spend enough time analysing what their competitors are doing.

By taking the time to see what products and services your competitors are offering, and how theyre marketing those products and services, youll be able to market your own business from a position of strength.

2) Not enough keyword research

Even in the social media age, keywords are the heart and soul of how a search engine like Google determines what your sites about.

Unless you put in the effort to structure your site effectively, youre making it harder than it has to be for search engines to decide on the exact nature of your business.

3) Not enough content

Perhaps you have done adequate keyword research. Now the second part of the keyword game is to know where to put them " and that means publishing quality, relevant content.

Youll give yourself a much bigger opportunity to position your website as an authority in your niche if you have a significant amount of related content about one particular topic.

4) Trying to do everything yourself

If youre passionate about something its very easy to think that theres nobody else in the world that can do quite as good a job as you. And maybe youre right.

Still, youre never going to be able to grow your business without a bit of leverage " and that involves employing somebody else to do the more mundane tasks so you can concentrate on strategy.

5) Give up too easily

Just because something doesnt appear to be working doesnt mean that it wont work if you keep on going.

Maybe your customers dont buy immediately? Perhaps you should be split-testing against alternative copy?

Search engine optimization is something that may take a long time to have a significant impact " but you wont know unless you keep with it.

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