Writing content for the web is easy if you have a good idea, but finding a photo to accompany that idea can be tricky, especially if you dont have any budget.

If, like me, youve been using Creative Commons for far too long and need another resource for sourcing free photos for use on the internet, here are five alternatives that Ive found to be particularly good.

1. Stockvault.net


Stockvault.net claim to have 27,000 free images on their site! Whats even better is that you dont need to register to download images at will. Here you can find a vast wealth of images from photographers and designers that are free to use for personal and non-commercial work. The site can be a little deceptive as a number of images displayed on a page redirect you to dreamstime.com where you have to register to gain access to the image, leading us nicely on to the next source..

2. Dreamstime.com


Dreamstime is an excellent resource and the free photo section on the site has a huge range of images in a variety of resolutions that are ripe for the picking. Dreamstime also offer images for sale, but these can be as low as $0.20 USD each so even the paid images are incredibly reasonable. The only down side to this site is that you have to sign up to gain access to their image stock.

3. Morguefile.com


MorgueFile is perfect if you are looking for images that are a little more creative then the usual stock photos that are littered throughout the internet. The site has a bit of a clunky navigational structure, but searching for the type of image you want usually throws up a gem or two.

4. Lomography.com


For the hipster in you there is lomography.com. Here you can find a variety of analogue photographs in the sites photo section. Photos are organised into five separate categories " tags, cameras, films, countries and cities. This resource can be a bit hit and miss but is particularly good if you are looking for images of cities. If youre looking for high-res pictures then this isnt the resource for you.

5. Photorack.net


Photorack is a superb resource with a very good site structure. Here you can drill down through very specific categories to quickly find the right photo youre looking for. With close to 30,000 images in the site, youre bound to find something suitable. You dont have to register to gain access to the photos and the images are watermark free.

If you have a preferred free photo resource that isn't listed, why not share it in the comments below?