Ruud Questions … a lot

I have a lot of ideas (or opinions, depending on how you look at it) on how search really works.

Some of those ideas are common knowledge, some plain common sense. Some are far fetched. Some are tested, some are not.

None of the ideas are secret. Not in the sense that I have some that I hold back because they're secret -- no, in the sense that SEO is a lot like DIY home repair: everybody can learn about the basic tools and how to use them and yet there's a difference between Joe the Plumber and Bob Vila, right?

There are only so many ways we can talk about the hammer and the screwdriver but in the end it's not about the tools; it's about how you use them.

Really Smart People

So when I was faced with making decisions on my blog content for this year I could go two ways: help build a better echo chamber by regurgitating the same stuff you've just read elsewhere or think out loud and throw wild, wacky ideas out there.

Now if you know that my fair share of SEO theories includes "how SEO is like shovelling snow" and that I actually have shovelling strategies (yes, I do!), you realize I went for option number three instead: talk with really smart people and create something together that's interesting for you the SEO-er, you the marketer, you the small business owner, you the affiliate marketer ... Something that's interesting for us.

Towards a Brave New ... Something Else

At the end of 2007 the mortgage crisis started to swallow whole towns.

By mid-2008 the food crisis arrived at our table. A few week's later the financial time bomb went off and things went horribly wrong. (This is an excellent, and ongoing, timeline of the global creditcrunch, by the way).

Now, in 2009, analysts warn publically and privately that another wave is upon us: economic circumstances causing mass credit card defaults.

When I started to talk with Chris Brogan I realized its within this context I would like to create something of real value. Something that helps businesses to continue to benefit from the economic impact of search -- and helps individuals establish a new economic future.

As I thought about this and started to ask people if they would be willing to answer some questions, I started to believe in this more and more.

Can we pull this off together and turn this into something larger than "just" a set of Q&A's?

Yeah, I think so.

I think that the overlap of many smart people talking about what they know and do best while also advising you makes for something bigger and better. A bit like the value created by the single best link building post of 2008 (more on my reason to use the words "single" and "best" in one sentence in a later post).

Does it sounds presumptuous? Maybe, but so what?!

"To do good work you need a brain that can go anywhere. And you especially need a brain that's in the habit of going where it's not supposed to."

Plus -- let's be honest here -- I really like the idea of doing a series of Q&A's the name of which can come out sounding a lot like "rude questions". If you press me too hard on this it becomes a whole chicken-or-the-egg type of question and I'll go into brainlock. Let's not go there.

Who Are These Folks Anyway?

Most of the people you know. Or know of.

I know of most of them but can't claim to know most of them. A combination of family life, distance, and, yes, maybe a tad of shyness, have prevented me from becoming a conference monster; most of these folks I know from their blog, forums, Twitter -- or simply by their Internet fame.

As I'll sit down to prepare a Q&A post, I might tell you a bit about how I got to "know" the person. I won't bother you with too many details you'll likely know or can find out by following a link 🙂

And so, for the coming weeks, on my regular Friday spot, you'll be reading question/answer sessions. Not interviews. Because this isn't about him or her: this is about you. Or us.

Here's to weeks of good stuff!

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