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Business professionals have been using LinkedIn as a networking platform since its launch in 2003. LinkedIns recent revamp will bring a sharp rise in user engagement as the website offers a new profile design for Company Pages that will allow information to be presented in a more organized way. Editing will become easier with new tools in place and relevant information can feature more prominently, making profiles more attractive and much more likely to interest visitors.

UK Schools Slow off the Mark

So far, schools in the UK have been pretty slow to get in on the act " there are fewer than 150 UK schools registered on LinkedIn. This means that British schools seem to be ignoring a cheap and effective platform for networking with parents and staff, both current and prospective and a great resource for alumni.

Universities have been a little quicker off the mark with LinkedIn " a report on Mashable quoted Keidra Chaney, an eminent media specialist at DePaul University, is quoted as revealing that the Universitys LinkedIn Alumni Group boasts more than 5,500 members regularly and actively networking.

Time to Register

Registering a school on LinkedIn is relatively simple and a basic profile can be added free of charge. Many schools nowadays use Twitter and Facebook as part of their social networking strategy and LinkedIn really is just as simple to use. Its just a matter of registering with an email address (and confirming registration) and then building a page to showcase your school. With some of the new features you can put together a pretty stylish and professional looking profile that will be a pleasure to view for your visitors.

Pimp your Page

You can start by having a banner style header for your schools Page (very similar to the Facebook Cover " it may be worth using the same image for brand recognition value). You can have an Updates section to make sure that youre on top of the prominence management.

And, keeping things bang up to date, these Company Pages are on Android, iPhone and iPad apps, meaning that your schools Page can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any type of device, an important issue when more than 10% of todays internet users get online on the move.

Another great idea for a LinkedIn Page for your school is to feature the schools blog (if you dont have one, its another social media must these days). You can link up with your Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to integrate your social media tasks and offer a more complete image.

School Yourself in Social Media

UK schools need to keep up with all aspects of networking and social media in order to keep up with the kids " getting your school onto LinkedIn really is a vital part of the communication strategy nowadays. If youre really not sure where to start, there are loads of great articles online that will give you some food for thought. If your school is already on LinkedIn, Id be interested to see your Page and to know how well its working for you. So let me know below!

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