List of search bloggers:

The following is a list of bloggers who routinely write about search-related topics. I put out a call to all search bloggers to send me their info, so that I could include them in this list. I know that this list isn't comprehensive, but I've included everyone who heeded the call. If you didn't email me your info, you didn't get included. Luckily, you still can be. Although it's a fairly time-consuming task for me to put this together, I'm happy to continue adding to it, so if you want to be included on the list, send me your details, and give me at least a day to get it added. (Find out how to be included here).

Oh, and I intend to do other fun stuff with the list in the future. This is just the first round. You may see some of these people appearing in future posts, games, mashups, etc. πŸ˜€

Final note: I'm including everyone - A List to Z List bloggers - because I like being inclusive. Please check out the blogs these people maintain. They work hard and would definitely appreciate getting new readers, subscribers, and yes, even links to any of their posts that you may enjoy.