Its true. I'm very proud to announce that Search Engine People (SEP) has purchased from DazzlinDonna Fontenot.

Although sad to be selling SEO-Scoop, DazzlinDonna had this to say:

"its been my baby for 5 years, but as with parenting, you've got to let your kids go at some point, and let them gain independance. Its a normal part of the growth process. That said, its in good hands with SEP. I'll also continue to be very involved with the site, and its future direction. SEP will do great things with SEO-Scoop!"


The intent of this purchase is to expand on Donna's significant efforts to date, and make SEO-Scoop one of the hubs for information in the search and social media industries ... the HuffingtonPost of the search indsutry if you will. The vision is not yet fully flushed out, but a good number of industry personalities will be involved helping to mold and guide the future of the site (including Donna, who will continue to be a regular blogger by the way). Its also envisioned (as per Donna's original initiative) that the site will give industry newbies the opportunity to post and create a name for themselves.

Accordingly, if you've got ideas and opinions about how you would like to see evolve, please let us know. Also, if you've like to be a regular contributor to the SEO-Scoop blog, please let Ruud or I know.