There's an interesting story in today's Globe & Mail regarding Canada's green initiative.

It seems the federal government has in essence, hijacked the name of an existing non-profit, environmental organization in British Columbia. The government program, Canada EcoTrust tramples all over EcoTrust Canada.

In fact, type in your browser and it redirects to Ecotrust Canada. Search for Canada Ecotrust in almost every available search engine and the first or first and second result tends to be Ecotrust Canada.

Ultimately, this is a story about due diligence. A simple search of any search engine would have raised flags.

But you have to wonder if Ecotrust Canada didn't go looking for a fight. The website was only booked in the last month, oddly enough on the very same day this story broke.

Gotta question? Ask a search engine. This search stuff, I think it might really catch on.

~ The (SEP) Guy