There is an absolutely fascinating article on (also interesting because the URL string tracks the source): eBay Snub Suggests Google's Big Troubles.

It's not so much interesting because it espouses everything I've said for the past couple months, not the least of which include the whole ebay thing and the fact that the loss or removel of paid advertising does not necessarily impact traffic IF (BIG IF) you have the organic results in place. (BTW ebay does, both in organic listings and in product listings.)

And the Doubleclick purchase is about search and the coming increase in visual advertising. We've already witnessed ad size format increase vis-a-vis Internet Advertising Bureau standards.

Finally, there is the declining paid placement click through rates which the writer feels puts Google at risk.

That wasn't the interesting part of the article to me, it was this little line:

I think as more companies start putting money toward natural search marketing (figuring out how to get higher on search engines rather than paying for ranking), the keyword prices will go down.

He's not the first to posit that, Patti Freeman Evans of Jupiter Research predicted as much over a year ago in speaking to retailers at Shop.Org.

So, I'm officially and publically jumping on the Gord Hotchkiss bandwagon: Canada, It's Time To Clue Into Search!

Moreover, Canada, It's Time To Clue Into Organic Search.

Canada has never really embraced organic search as a marketing strategy. Perhaps it's because we were too late to the game, although after doing this for over 10 years now, seriously, ten years, I'm a little tired of sauntering up to the microphone and having to apologize for being the "organic" guy before beginning my presentation at search conferences.

Search has changed and it continues to change with the adoption of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Paid advertising may appear to be a quick and fast solution, but it's not. If fact, it can be a costly solution.

When will Canada get it?

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy