Two very interesting online posts today around Matt Cutts' comments regarding search results of search results showing up in Google. One from SEORoundTable and the other from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land.

In his example, Danny used "dvd players". Curious, I scratched around the longtail terms, searching dvd players by brand names like "Sony DVD players" or "Panasonic DVD players" and I'm even more intrigued by the prospects. Not only will sites like and Bizrate be affected, but so will a couple of other lightweights like, oh, say MSN Shopping and Yahoo! Shopping who also show up in Google results.

I also have to wonder what the effect on this will have on the relationship with ebay? Who showed up under "cheap portable DVD players" results with this listing.

Increased PPC costs are inevitable and Google needs to find more revenue as even it admits growth is limited. If you can't grow the number of searches or the number of searchers, grow revenue. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But let's face it, this isn't about search. It's about revenue. Although it's framed up nicely.

I'm inclined to agree with Eric Ward who was among the first to comment... This shines a whole new light on Froogle. Froogle has been underused and undermarketed and to my mind, opens up another revenue stream. And not an insignificant one.

It's naiive to think that a company who can monetize advertising can't monetize commerce.

To borrow from Tony Kushner in Angels In America: The great work begins.

Ladies and gentlemen, and clients, start your Froogle datafeeds. Get 'em while they're hot free.

~ The (SEP) Guy