Short and sweet.

Start talking about file sizes, page load time, ease of navigation and in the shortest time possible you've just qualified yourself as a goodie-two-shoes geek with admirable yet naive views on making money on the web.

And that, my friend, is your fault.

if-you-can-read-thisInstead of using Urkel speak  and freaking geeking everybody out, use words that make sense in business.

"Is the site consumer friendly? Is the site ready to do transactions at any time, on any platform? How easy is it for a prospect to become a customer? How fast can a customer pay?"

See, now you're talking; you're talking dollars and profit.

It's not about "tricking" someone; it's about using words everyone in the conversation understands.

You are the expert; we know that. You don't need to use big of insider-only words.

You're relied upon and your job as an expert is to make sure load time already was a factor. Your customers should already know that usability matters to "them".


Because in the end it's all about them.