Some SEO companies let their clients walk right by them without a second glance. They are excellent at getting their company found in the SERPs, but they drop the ball when it comes to marketing to their own client base.

I read a study a short time ago from the branding and marketing firm HiTargeting the SEO Client to Boost Profitsnge entitled 'How Buyers Buy'. They revealed numerous important facts such as:

  • What consumers want to see in their marketing.
  • What potential clients are most important when choosing a firm to work with.
  • Which fears clients are most worried about.

This really got me thinking about how disenchanted SEOers have become with the market and how many of them are fighting to get work. So I did a little investigating. Investigated what, you ask? I had one simple question:

"How many SEO companies fail to address the needs of their clients in their own web copy? Or even in their business model?"

Now, I obviously have no idea what goes on after the customer sends a message through the contact page (those of you without one: Get one! You know who you are!). But, what I did see on company websites was interesting to say the least.

Fix Your List Of Explain SEO ServicesServices Offered

In the study I mentioned previously, it said 63.7% of clients didn't know about the services offered by a company. Of that percentage, 68% said they were actually 'interested in one or more new services.' (Pg 12 of 'How Buyers Buy').

This can't be accurate...can it? Well, it's safe to say that it has to be pretty close. Many of the SEO company websites I looked at failed to list all of the services they had to offer. Some didn't even have a services page (or had it in disguise under some fancy name).

Some did have a services page, but when they listed their services, there was no way of knowing exactly what was involved in those services, how they could help, or even what they meant. These might be pretty self-explanatory, but for the regular web user or company bigwig, those fancy words mean nothing.

Give Them Something To Show The BossConvince The Client That Holds The Money

You all know how it works.

Someone at the company says 'our website isn't doing what it's supposed to' and the reply is 'fix it.' So they search around on the web for a bit and see 'search engine optimization'. Hey, that's exactly what they need right? Now they have to convince the one holding the money of that.

Many of the websites I looked at had no pages that helped convince the reader that SEO tactics can really help. There was no attempt to dispel the horrid myths surrounding the industry. Nadda.

Just a home page spouting something about the company being an award winning, expert SEO company who wants my money. Granted, this is the end goal of the company, but there's nothing in it for the customer.

My suggestion, give them something they can take to a clueless CEO. Give them something that makes you look like the best thing for the client since the invention of money. At the same time, make sure this shows you as being a highly rated expert. You'll find that when they do hire you, there's less fighting and arguing because that client already sees you as the leading expert in SEO that you are.

Find you're getting too many clients who want the top spot in Google for every keyword they can think of and they only want to pay you a couple hundred? No surprise.

For those who have never worked with an SEO before, it is impossible to really know what those kinds of professional services are worth. Consider offering a 'starter package' or something that will help show the client what kind of price range your company falls in. There's no surprises for them, and no time wasted for you.

So, what do you think? Make sense?