I was tagged recently by Shana Albert (author of a great post recently on Social Media being the New BAD Boy ... its a fun read) at AllWorkAtHomeIdeas for a Blog Improvement Meme. Personally, I'm a fan of anything that forces my hand. If it takes a blog improvement meme for get me to finally make some much needed improvements to our blog, then so be it. I'll take that task to hand ... well maybe next week.

Ok, ok, it does actually cause this shoemaker to evaluate the state of his own shoes. We've made a large number of improvements lately to the blog, but are by no means done. I suppose its an ongoing process. In any case, here are some changes I'd like to make to improve our blog.

1) Brand the blog better - The Search Engine People Blog just has no real flair or memorability. Accordingly, I think we'll be rebranding it as "The Search Playbook". Got a bit more of a ring to it I think.
2) Write more succinct posts - it seems that I try to pack far too much into individual blog posts (case in point ... my 1772 word posting on The Types and Stages of Online Relationships). Personally, I think the reasoning is sound, and it is ground breaking, but blog readers are looking for far more succinct posts).
3) Use more images in my posts - if a picture can say a thousand words, then perhaps thats a good way to make my blog posts easier to read and more concise. Oooh, and colour pictures too.
4) Link out more profusively - Not only is this concept key to being a good friend, its just good blog etiquette. I read 100-150 blogs a day, you'd think I'd retain some of what I read.
5) More writers with even more perspectives - We've got 6 good writers internally in addition to myself, but I'm a firm believer that multiple perspectives leads to the third mind phenomena. While I understand all too well the concept of target marketing, I've got competing objectives for this blog (see Setting Objectives for Social Media Profile Development), and it will require different perspectives to achieve all goals I've set forth.

Thanks again Shana for the tag. I in turn will tag Caroline Middlebrook, Jacob Wolfsheimer, Stephen Pitts, Chris Winfield, and last but not least my good friend Ross Dunn.