Wonder how to get everyone on board of "social" but keep your staff working at the same time?

Start Slowly

Identify a few key staff members, those you trust to provide the best public face for your company. Encourage them to network on behalf of the company's Facebook page and invite other members of staff to like and become friends.

Involve these core staff members in the process of working out the access during work time issues. If they feel that they helped create the rules they will be far more accepting and enforcing of them.

After a few weeks of building the company's friends network see how it's going, look for a best working practice and see what's not so great.

Once you've got that all in place,

Put The Rules Down In Writing

Everyone needs to know what is and isn't allowed. Avoid confusion: write it all down in plain English.

Set out that there are certain levels of information that must never be revealed, make sure everyone understands basic netiquette and knows how bad it is to release names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Facebook Should Be Fun

You don't want to make people resentful or feel that they have to be blogging, tweeting and making all their friends like the company. Some people just don't roll like that, so don't force it.

You could consider incentives to increase outreach. Personal or departmental competitions coupled to a prize are popular.

Lead By Example

When the CEOs and other top level execs are active on your company's profile page your employees feel the process is thoroughly egalitarian. They won't feel that they're having to do the outreach while the 'high ups' regard themselves to be too good to get involved.

Be honest, take the 'social' literally, build friendships and relationships based on real connections and you'll soon start to wonder how you ever engaged with your clients without it.