Seth Godin could write about the brand of coffee he had this morning and millions of people would read about it on Facebook or Twitter or other blogs.

How does Seth do it? How do Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Robert Scoble, Jason Fried, and other online big hitters hundreds and thousands of people to talk about them, to promote their products, and to share their ideas?

You can achieve the same amount of success by being HUGE.



If all you do is reiterate what everyone else says, of if you refuse to acknowledge others, speak like a normal person, or fess up when you're wrong or out of line, why would anyone want to become your fan?

Seth Godin constantly writes like a human, writing about his personal experiences and even using slang when appropriate. Be human and you'll attract other humans, rather than scare them away with robotic, corporate dialects. It's really that simple.



What is the primary reason we find ourselves drawn to Google or Twitter repeatedly? Because of their usefulness. No brainer. If you do as little as answer questions from 15 people you have never met before, every day, you will become known as an online resource almost overnight (really). If you're not useful, what reason would anyone have to pay attention to what you say " or sell?

Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary TV is seen as useful because he shares everything he knows (he's often on Twitter urging fans to literally ask him anything). Even if you don't know much about wine or social media like Gary does, there are things you know better than anyone else. Help others by sharing what you know, providing insightful comments on other's work, or just by linking to really interesting stuff. If you're useful people will have a valid reason to follow your every word, and share it too!



While it may be tempting to talk as if you were the greatest in your industry, or while that handful of dollars being offered to you in return for a blog post may seem like a good idea now, if you're not being genuine online you're setting yourself up for failure.

Robert Scoble is known all over the web for being genuine. If he hadn't written freely about how he felt things were going over at Microsoft when he was an employee, Scoble likely wouldn't be as well-known as he is today. By being genuine with his communication, Scoble instantly become seen as someone who gets the internet, technology, and social media.

Be genuine in all of your online doings, not only will it make you seem more human and valuable, but online... the truth always comes out.



You can act human, be useful, and constantly be genuine in your online activities, but if you're not entertaining the chances of anyone tuning in to your ideas or thoughts is really limited.

Everyone who's anyone online these days has an entertaining factor to them that simply can't be beat. Seth Godin is entertaining because he's so personable, Gary Vaynerchuk is entertaining because of his seemingly endless energy, Robert Scoble, John Gruber, Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, and everyone in-between are popular not only for being human, useful, and genuine, but also because they know how to have a good time and they know that their fans time is important.

It's that easy.

In the end, if you want to make it big online, whether you're selling something or not, following the HUGE approach can help you reach the top of the virtual hill in no time. Being human, being yourself and honest in what you do, helping others any way you can, and having fun along the way, are all proven methods for being a somebody online.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start acting HUGE. Right now. Go!