Hello, everyone. 🙂

As the blogger for our 3D rendering company, it is my responsibility to let people know about the existence of our blog. My goal for doing this is to gain online awareness that will hopefully lead people to our main business website.

When I started blogging a month ago, I realized I could not make it alone. I recognized the need to reach out to people who have been blogging long before me. I wanted to find people who succeeded, and people who failed - yet picked themselves up and told the story. It made me think of a famous quote from famous poet Henry Van Dyke: "In the progress of personality, first comes a declaration of independence, then a recognition of interdependence."

Blogging, which is known as one of the best social media marketing tools, is a prime example of interdependence. It is much like what Indian political leader Mohandas Gandhi said, "Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being." With this, I realized that modern day business is interdependent on social media marketing and its many methods.

I don't just blog; I use other types of marketing tactics aside from blogging to drive traffic to and gain awareness for the blog. Below are several methods I use:

Blog Commenting

Bill Dorman told me that to start running a blog right, you have to first build a community. Now you can't have community without being interdependent. You need to follow people's blogs regularly, offer meaningful insights and relative comments. Then cross your fingers that they will respond to you. So this is the first thing I really worked on.


If you are genuine in your comments and bit by bit you share a part of you in there, there is no reason these bloggers you are following won't respond to you -- unless they are extremely busy. Just be yourself. Offer something good to the conversation and everything else will follow.

Having a niche blog doesn't mean that you should limit your reach to those within your field. Reach out to as many diverse bloggers as you can. You can help each other one way or another.

Have you started blog commenting yet? Or have limited yourself to your niche? What is your approach in blog commenting?


In the first week of my existence in the blogosphere, I revived an almost abandoned Facebook account that I signed up for the virtual staging department of our company. From zero connections, I now have 29. That may not sound much, but for me, it is a good start.


So, how am I using Facebook as a marketing tool for 3D rendering? I created a Facebook fan page for The Virtual Staging Company. I not only post the new articles published on our blog, but also share posts of bloggers I follow. While strengthening my relationships with the people in my community, I also build up our company's exposure.

How about you? Are you using Facebook to market your own business? What Facebook tactics are you using?


Twitter is one of the social media platforms that can really help in increasing the exposure of your blog and in exercising the interdependence in building a community.


I searched people in the 3D rendering, architecture and real estate fields and followed them. These were the people in my niche. Then, I branched out and followed people whose blogs I am following. Right now, I am following 247 people and 93 people are following me. Again, these figures may not seem huge to you, but after having started at zero, I'm content with the steady growth.

When I had the Twitter following taken care of, the next thing I did was retweet posts related to my niche and those coming from bloggers in my community. I also made sure to reply to direct messages, acknowledge @mentions and thank people who also retweeted my posts. I learned from Brandon Yanofsky that using Twitter takes following the same rules we observed when playing in the sandbox. One of these rules that stuck to my mind is that "if you won't share with others, others won't share with you'. So, I make a point in really sharing.

Are you using Twitter to market your 3D renderings or your business? Do you have other Twitter tactics you can share with me?


As you can see, 3D rendering services are also dependent on online marketing for exposure. And then, our architectural and real estate clients use the 3D renderings our company creates to market their designs and properties, many of which end up used in their online marketing efforts. For me, this is interdependence in its simplest form between marketing and 3D renderings.

How about you? How do you market your business online? Have you ever used a 3D Rendering to market a product or building project? Do you have any tips to add?