Beginning next week, I'm going to start a new thing on Sundays. Weekends seem to be pretty dead in the SEO world, so Sundays seem like a good time to do something different.

Each Sunday, I'll spotlight one of your sites. If you want me to shine the spotlight on one of your sites, just email me the title, url, and description (email to scoop[at] I'll pick one out of the submissions each week, and post it on SEO Scoop. It doesn't have to be seo-related. The description can be as long as you want, although I reserve the right to shorten it if goes on and on and on. 😉 Make it interesting if you can, so others will be more likely to visit your site. Oh, and there won't be any kind of link condom wrapped around the url either. This will be free link love, like the net was meant to be.