For the last two years, the only way to become a guest poster or contributor at Search Engine People was by invitation. Knowing the secret handshake helped, owning the decoder ring essential. But in the end, you needed an invitation.

Press to Open Door by Vagabond ShutterbugToday we're changing the game; we invite you to write a guest post or article. And everyone stands a chance to get published.

Appearing on Search Engine People gets you in front of

  • several large in-house SEO teams
  • executive decision makers
  • folks who want to learn
  • your industry peers (be it SEO or one of the marketing branches)
  • potential clients

You're surrounded by ever improving content, written by some of the best out there.

Of course it is your article, so it's your bio with your links at the bottom of that post. Make your submission count and it will get more link-love as it stays at the front page as "popular this month". Blow everyone away and make it into the "rich get richer" section of "Most Popular Ever"

And better yet! If your post doe. [what?!! I'm writing! huh? how do you mean "not ready yet"?! OK, so even though it could give first posters a head start, you want to keep it quiet for now? ok ] Yeah so anyway, that part isn't ready and, like, we roll with it at another time

Your Article

Writing a guest post

We've done this all official with guest post writer guidelines and everything but let's do a quick talk over a cup of coffee too.

Topics we're open to are, obviously, SEO, SEM, PPC, marketing, PR, social media stuff " you get the idea.

But more important to know is the kind of article we look for. We love [backspace, backspace, CTRL + B] love resource posts. Articles that go beyond opinion and give well-founded analysis instead. Posts with usable tips for professionals, actionable items for folks, show newcomers to a field the way in.

To get an idea, here's a portfolio of guest and contributor articles on Search Engine People we hug daily.
This is the stellar, sparkling, inspiring, mind tickling, joy-to-read content we're looking for!

My social networking mistake by Brian Carter.

The cheapskate's guide to usability by Dr. Pete.

Blog commenting for SEO by David Leonhardt.

3 Ways to get customers talking about you by Cindy Alvarez.

17 Ways to accelerate links to your link bait (and other highly linkable content) by Garrett French.

5 Steps to creating sticky social content by Dave Snyder.

The 5 minute SEO site audit checklist by Mat Siltala.

Optimizin post-conversion: Maximizing your "thank you" page by Jordan Kasteler.

The Rules Of The Game

Basically? Write good content. Make it a joy to read. Keep it relevant. Check Copyblogger if you want to and don't miss our 12 common blogging mistakes to avoid.

Oh " and check out the guidelines before you submit your guest post. Want to talk it over? Have an idea to suggest? Just drop me a line at or find me on one of the social networks.

On your marks

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