Maybe it's the time of year but no less than Yahoo! and Business 2.0 each have articles on less than saintly bosses today.

I've had the privilege of leading a team, and it really is a privilege. And I have the privilege of being partnered with someone who leads a national team and whom I consider nothing short of a mentor. I watch him work countless hours and I watch his team respond to email requests late into the night on weekends. It takes a lot of work to make it seem so effortless but in watching, I've learned that they readily engage because they know he is actively engaged... Yes, even late into the night on the weekends.

He is, in my estimation, a good boss. But working at the level he does, with the organization he's with, I know that along the way, he has to make difficult decisions.

On the other hand, I've also had the experience of a boss who completely abdicated responsibility literally walking away from the business, only to return with unrealistic expectations and demands. Not such a good boss.

The difference between the two, short of being night and day, was in how they each approached their respective business responsibilities.

To expect a level of engagement, you must exhibit a level of engagement. And in that sense, it is about what is possible versus what is expected. Curiousity is absolutely paramount and will lead to much, much more innovation and implementation than edicts and tyranny. It is the difference between being the authority and becoming the authority; one being assumed and the other being presumed.

What is interesting was that of the two bosses mentioned above, one was success based, working towards benchmarks, metrics and milestones. And the other, failure based and focused on unattainable positions, distrust and perceived betrayal.

A web presence is no different particularly in this age of buzz. Assume authority, don't presume it. Engage your space with intrigue and curiousity and your audience whether B2C or B2B or B2B2C will prove as curious as you are.

And willing to respond.

~ The (SEP) Guy