In my previous blog The added value of corporate blogs (1) I described the main advantages of a corporate blog. In short: Personal touch, explanation possibility, generating trust, being authentic, and internal collaboration. In the second part I want to elaborate on the advantages a corporate blog can have as a SEO tool.

imageAdvantage 1: Content

When you write a blog on a corporate weblog you add content to the weblog obviously. But this content is also good for your rankings. Sometimes the weirdest search words are being used in Google and these could be in your specific blog. This drives more search rankings on different keywords and thus more visitors. Keep in mind that it also works for the normal search keywords you also want to be found with ;-). Also the content is of great importance for some of the other advantages.

image Advantage 2: Outbound links

When you write something in the corporate blog you can increase the usability and reliability by including some outbound links. I know there is a large debate on the internet that some are saying that outbound links are not that good to include too much in your SEO strategy. I believe it can help you, as long as you: do not include too many links, keep these links relevant, use appropriate keywords as anchor text, and only include high ranking sites. Including outbound links is thus more reader friendly and also adds something more to the content than just your own work. It can also increase the chance of getting inbound links, which is advantage number three.

image Advantage 3: Inbound links

Assuming that you write good content in your corporate weblog you will receive some great inbound link opportunities from other websites. This can be social media, but also other bloggers that want to take your corporate blog as an example or the content is that good that they want to share it with others in some way. As mentioned in advantage two the likelihood that people want to link to your blog will increase when you add outbound links to your blog.

image Advantage 4: Frequently updated content

When you have a corporate weblog you want it to be filled with current topics in your field. Therefore you want to update your weblog frequently and thus have frequently updated content. As we all know, Google is highly in favor for websites that keep adding more content to the web and thus this will also increase your rankings.

image Advantage 5: Extra link building possibility

There is no need to do link building for every blog that you write on your corporate weblog (although it is possible). However, having a corporate weblog provides you to add your weblog to some good directories that keep track of weblogs. It is like the same of having the vacancies online, that provides you linking opportunities, so does having a weblog. Furthermore, the RSS-feed can also be submitted to archives and of course linked to twitter. Like I argued in my other blog Twitter your SEO campaign in higher rankings.


I hope that with my two blog posts on this subject I have provided you with the most important advantages of starting/having a corporate weblog. If you have some other important advantages that I forgot to include in my post, feel free to reply. Im rather curious how you think about it.

Stijn Driessen is SEO strategic at Easy Internet Marketingcorpblog