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MSNBC and the David C. Churbuck article Google and the Rebirth of Banner Ads provided not only some interesting insight into the Google Doubleclick deal, but also this little nugget way, way, way, way down the article, and it's a long article so perhaps if reading it, you might have zoned out. It is after all Friday.

...I read an internal company metrics review with the weird correlation that when we ran banner ads our search campaigns performed better and when we didn't run banners our search yields declined. Hmmm. Then our agency told us the same thing: Run banners with search and both get an uplift. O.K. Lesson learned. Reserve some component of every campaign to run in parallel with search. Not exactly rocket science nor cause to proclaim the renaissance of display ads, but enough to get me looking at banner advertising in a new light.

This, of course, all goes back to targeting. To strategy. To planning. And, to the creative.

My prediction, look for display ads to become far bigger in size with a size to contain the file size.

Happy Friday and have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy

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