Face it, you got work to do and shouldn't be reading this right now in the first place – right? So let's do the long-story-short thing. You can lay your hands on some of the most impressive SEO software tools out there or get some Christmas money. How? Add your most interesting, original holiday link building ideas in the comments. Votes determine who wins. In case of a draw we'll use this list randomizer to decide.


Search Engine People and Link-Assistant.com, makers of some of the best SEO software, add cheer and joy to your holidays; win yourself a nice free Christmas SEO gift.

1st Prize: SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuiteSEO PowerSuite is Link-Assistant.com's flagship product where a unified interface integrates their power tools Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

Buying this toolset in an all-in-one environment makes working with data the different modules provides even easier.

$249 value

2nd Prize: Any Link Assistant SEO Tool


Runner-up has nothing to complain about with their pick of any of Link-Assistant.com's SEO tools:

  • Rank Tracker tracks, graphs and reports. Yoast calls it his "favorite rank checker".
  • WebSite Auditor is an SEO consultant in bits & bytes. Checking standard in-page optimization and analyzing offsite ranking factors, WebSite Auditor comes back with a customized, specific audit report which contains step-by-step actionable items on what to do where, how. Pretty impressive stuff.
  • SEO Spyglass has Yoast raving, Michael Gray satisfied and me showing both thumbs up. It's one of best link analysis tools I've seen, tested and use.
  • LinkAssistant has become a household name in the land of link building tools.

$99.75 value

3rd Prize: $50 Cash

cash money

Need I say more? It's money. Very versatile. Can be exchanged for goods and services. Portable. Flexible.

4th & 5th Prize: $25 Cash

Hey, it's Christmas OK – so sue me; we couldn't let it over our bleeding hearts that someone out there would go into the holidays feeling all sad they participated and made nothing. So we're stretching it to the limit here and saying, fine, have $25 on us.


Add your best, most original holiday link building idea, tip, technique, tactic or strategy to the comments. Make sure to enter with your valid email address or we can't reach you to give you your prize.

Winning depends on votes. In case of a draw/doubt we'll use a software randomizer to draw names.

Drawing will be on Wednesday, December 16.

On your marks…