All hail Allan Dick.

And that, by the way, is said with a whole lot of respect.

Allan is the GM for Vintage Tub & Bath and believe me, the man knows tubs and baths, but more importantly, he knows a plug when he sees one.

He is both a speaker and a moderator for the various and sundry SES conferences and can frequently be seen and heard at other industry functions, panels, seminars, tradeshows, etc.

He is, in short, impassioned. Allan is in the thick of things, but with conviction. Want to know what went right with a test, Allan will tell you. Want to know what went wrong, Allan will be diplomatic, but he will tell you. And testing and curiousity are compelling not only for him, but for the success of the company and from what I understand, it seems to be working.

He also gives back to his own community and to our industry community.

And for all of that, he deserves a well earned pat on the back.

But for his little coup today, winding up with a product placement on the SearchEngineLand Stephen Colbert Greatest Living American diatribe, he deserves a blog posting.

And this is it.

Cheers, Allan.

Cya in Toronto!

Have a good one.

~ The (SEP) Guy