In October 2005, when Martha Stewart had her own "The Apprentice", contestant David Karandish didn't win. He did however, mention that Martha's site was nowhere to be found in the search engines for the specific term "recipes" and stated if he took over the Internet division, he would fix it.

Alas, David Karandish didn't get the job.

And it shows. A search for "recipes" on Google and there it is... no It does show up on Yahoo but not on MSN. A search for "home decor" on Google and results? Nada. Yahoo results? Zip. MSN results? Bupkis.

And this is more than two years after the problem was identified to no less than the CEO herself.

The announcement yesterday that had relaunched brought faint hope that perhaps the site would be more friendly this time around. Paticularly with mention that no fewer that two search marketing firms were on hand to assist the doyenne of all that is right and proper when it comes to hospital corners and crisp bed linens (home decor), and apple crisps (recipes). PS - No Google results for either of those terms either.

An admittedly quick perusal of the NEW and IMPROVED and it appears from a purely organic SEO perspective very much the same old same old. And I'd be willing to bet my recipe for Champage, Pear and Kiwi Granita that the site's organic ranks will not improve anytime soon.

In fact, as is often the risk with a new site design implementation, it may well fall back.

Bear in mind, MSO went public at the height of the Dotcom boom as well it should have being functionally a direct response catalog company. And the sort of thing that thrives on the Internet.

SEO, Martha. It's a good thing. Give David Karandish a call.

Or us. Toll Free - 1-877-486-7875 within North America.

Have a good one.

~ The (SEP) Guy