The Twitter Report reports on events and conferences as they have happened according to Twitter.

Today it's Online Media Boot Camp.

When your business and brand gets involved with social media, you better have a social media policy in place. Beth Harte shares a page listing over 30 social media policies to get an idea.


Mack Collier says 67% of those attending are on Twitter. Li Evans agrees but also points out that 100% of those attending know about Twitter.

Obviously the conference is heavily tweeted. For ConversationAge Valeria Mantoni reports that the massive tweeting by the attendees is confirmation of the true value of good content; it causes people to share it.

Social Media Planning

Social media plans should basically be build around the SMART principle. Measurable and time-based so you can judge its effectiveness and chart results. #

BUT ... people in your organisation might not like to have a plan. A plan holds them accountable.

If the the plan doesn't work -- tweak and try again. #

Social Media Strategy

If you aren't the community itself, make sure you are in the community #

Share what you have with the community; see if you can trickle down deals, etc. #

At the same time, when you make "stuff", produce content, contribute, ensure that it's seen and recognized in your community # but don't just push content or you risk missing your target's social media behaviour #

Combined the acts of making something ("content") and sharing it creates a cycle, builds community #

Whether building a community or joining one, you have to ask yourself if you can give the community value # #

It's a symbiotic kind of thing: when joining a community you merge with it and its wants and needs become yours # It's about reciprocity #

And when building community, don't forget that making money of the people, making money of the crowd, is their desire; it's what you can help make happen but it's not what makes the community #

Does the blog or the community come first? Depends. It's a case of doing your homework, checking it out #

Example given of an effective business community is Threadless # (a T-shirt community) while Dell's Ideastorm is given as an example of a good interactive blog #

Social Media Interaction

Addressing those that oppose you is good. Even if it doesn't convince them, the very act serves to demonstrate to others that you are responding, that you are engaged #

You, like everyone else, have a voice and that voice can be recognized. People pick up changes in that voice. Keep that in mind when thinking about engaging a ghost writer #

Social Media Tools

Most social media tools are free. That said, your time isn't #

RSS is a great tool. Not only is it spam-free, engaged and brand extending -- it's measurable #

A press release can be a social media tool if you integrate it from the ground up. They need to be on target, relevant and with sharing built in #

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