I was going to post several things here today, including an upgrade to my free site manager tool. But that post, as well as some others, got waylaid by the goings-on at SEO Chat. It is amazing that one little thing can explode into a mass of destruction. Frankly, I don't feel like getting into the details about everything that happened, but you can get more info over at Rand's blog.

My comfort zone has been repeatedly knocked about over the last few months. Since Katrina hit, it has been wave after wave of disruption and change, and today's SEO Chat events is yet another wave in that chain. So much has changed, in fact, that I am even considering completely dropping out of the SEO scene, and selling off SEO Scoop. Of course, today's events may just have me over the edge.

In any case, I promise to try and get some of those posts up tomorrow. Unless of course, another sea-wave-of-change comes crashing through my door again. 🙂