1. You + Long Tail + Making Money = Nonsense...
    "You can make money on the long tail but not in the long tail."
    There's No Money In The Long Tail of the Blogosphere, Alex Iskold, Read/Write Web
  2. ... but being rare is good...
    "When you try to maximize anything, you work to be efficient, to fit in, to appeal to the average person, since that's where the numbers are. [...] Most embraces systems and policies that make sense. But most rarely succeeds."
    -- That Doesn't Make Sense, Seth Godin
  3. You Not Being Most = Cash
    "The big problem with blogging is that there is an echo effect to it, and bloggers end up chasing the same keywords that other bloggers are targeting, and many of these have limited commercial viability."
    -- Why Most Bloggers Need a Day Job to Afford a Cup of Coffee, Aaron Wall (guest post), Compete Blog
  4. Pay Less PPC Cash + Gain Traffic
    "What makes this a special case is that there is a two-step marketing campaign to make the sale: Click to Lead & Lead to Sale."
    -- How to lower PPC Bids and Gain Traffic, Gary Lee (guest post), John Chow dot Com
  5. Know Your Searcher
    "What you find is that the top 1% of searchers performs a full 13% of all searches in a given month."
    -- So who’s doing all this searching anyway?, Jeremy Crane, Compete Blog.
  6. This is all going too fast!
    "The pace of what technologists can do is outracing how significant portions of the population can use it or can pay for it."
    -- Is technology too fast or are we too slow?, Albert Maruggi, Spotlight
  7. Too fast? RSS 10 years later now: it ain't gonna happen, dude!
    "Look around you and you'll see: at your mom's or your uncle's, no Netvibes, no Google Reader. In real life people still surf the web."
    --  Pourquoi les RSS ne seront jamais grand public, Eric Lupin, Presse Citron.
  8. And straight from the horse's mouth...
    "Web 2.0 [...] is producing stove pipes"
    -- Sir Tim Berners-Lee in Interview with inventor of the Web, Robert Scoble, ScobleShow
  9. "Getting" the Semantic Web
    "The semantic web is about relationships between things, they're not relationships between documents, in fact."
    -- Sir Tim Berners-Lee in Inventor of the Web talks about future of the Web, ScobleShow
  10. Mine! Mine! Mine!
    "Just give me my data back"
    -- Sir Tim Berners-Lee in Q&A with Tim Berners-Lee and the Web Science Research Initative, ScobleShow