Having the right tools as a search engine marketer is absolutely essential for keeping organized and maintaining the highest efficiencies. I've even wrote a popular post last year about some of the best free SEO Tools, so I'm really excited to see what this panel has in store. This session promises to provide tools that will help accomplish all your tasks, including indexing, competitive analysis, site ranking, diagnosing and remedying problems, page-level information, site-level information, on page optimization and more. Should be a good session here we go:

Ken Jurina, President and Co-founder, Epiar

  • Started off with a bunch of great firefox extensions, talked about SEOpen, SearchStatus, Roboform, Web Developer, Customize Google - Suggest Option, SEO Quake, Groowe Toolbar - ALL FREE at getfirefox.com
  • Icerocket - provides real time monitoring of blogs/social media and has up to the second results. Allows you to monitor the mentioning of your brands online. Has links, topics, and trend tracking tools.
  • Google Geo Search -neat tool which allows you to see how google results appear in different locations.
  • Domain Report Tool - good way to tally and compare search engine indexing and helps you to determine competitor search presence.
  • Backtweets - search Twitter for your online mentionds, allows for advanced search features.
  • Know'Em - check brand name availability for 120 social media networks - allowing you to monitor your online. reputation and the ability to sign up your user name on choice across the many networks. Protect your online reputation in the social media networks with Know'Em.
  • SpyFu - great competitive insight on PPC and organic, plus it works in browser.
  • GSiteCrawler - Crawl simulation provides detailed "spidey-vision", automatic XML sitemap creation.
  • Google Insights for Search - Identify phrases by topic/brand/category that you want to rank on.
  • Negative Keyword Lists - Proprietary software that provides massive negative keyword lists and more, not free though.

Amanda Watlington, Owner, Searching for Profit

Talked in-depth about site diagnosis tools, keyword strategy tools, site optimization tools, and finally agency productivity tools.

Site Diagnosis Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster Center.
  • Firefox Add-ons - Web Developer Add On, SEO for Firefox, Search Status, Y!Slow and Firebug.
  • Web Bug - Show the live header, redirection and other vital server information.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth - Best tool to identify broken links and assess the size of a website.

Keyword Strategy Tools

  • SpyFu - Can quickly compare keywords against competitors and can find untapped keywords.
  • Wordstream - A great keyword management tool with multiple import options, helps to eliminate lots of time-consuming data-moving tasks.

Site Optimization Tools

  • Crazy Egg - Helps improve usability by showing where users are actually clicking and where they are not.
  • Know 'Em - Best tool to aid in username identification and synchronization.
  • UserNamez - Another user name identification tool; no reason to check each social media network!
  • Quantcast - Know thy neighbour and analyze your competitors online.
  • Trendpedia - Another trend tracking tool, great for blog searches.

Agency Productivity Tools

  • Freshbooks - Track time and simplify invoicing. Plus, all the data is online for easy access.
  • Glance - Webinars tool - connect instantly with no software installation and zero configuration. Up to 100 guests on both Mac and PC! Priced for any sized user as well.
  • Bonus tool - Widgetbox - Best place to find and make widgets online!

Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board & Co-Founder, Future Now, Inc.

  • Started off with talking about plugins and hacks for Google Analytics - check out his awesome post here.
  • Yahoo! Analytics - even more in depth than Google Analytics.
  • Google Website Optimizer - A/B Multivariate testing.
  • BtBuckets - Free segmentation and behavioural targeting tool.
  • 4Q from iPerceptions - Allows you to listen to the voice of your customers.
  • Kampyle - Leading tool for feedback forms and analytics.
  • Website optimization - Speed Check - shows load times and other valuable information.
  • Site-Perf - Also tests the speed and performance of your website.
  • User testing - Allows for live audio and visual usability testing; great low cost usability testing solution.
  • Orangoo & Texttrust - Spell check your website!
  • Content Widgets - Allows you to create interactive quizzes.

Wow! Hands down the best session of SES I've attended in the past two years. Did my best to include all the tools, missed out on a few in depth-descriptions but all the tool names are there for you so be sure to check out these great tools as they will definitely help with your search marketing efforts. An excellent session to end up my live blogging here at SES; hope you enjoyed the insights!