Most keen SEO consultants know the benefits of using social media sites as part of an SEO campaign; its difficult to move for blog posts about Twitter, Facebook and the very latest tools or trends.  The fact is that social media is a great asset as it offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to network with their clients and industry peers, and they offer just another platform for marketing.

If People Were Websites by Saurabh Goswami.

Whilst any self-confessed SEO enthusiast is now featuring on Twitter and Facebook, there is one social media website that perhaps hasnt been getting as much attention as it should have been from those working in the online marketing industry.

As the 2nd most searched search engine behind Google, YouTube offers a whole host of opportunities for search engine optimisers looking to market their clients websites.

Detailed below are the three main reasons why I think that business owners should ensure that they have videos on their website and a presence on YouTube;

Varied Content " Search engines love varied content that is updated regularly and so do internet users. Whilst a page of black and white text may not seem appealing to those browsing a site, a video offers the opportunity to access information quickly and easily, without the visitor having to put in too much work themselves.

A video could even increase the chances of individuals that land on a website, spending more time on the site. In turn, reducing bounce rates from the website.

Accessibility " One thing to consider when designing a website is its usability. The website should be easy to access by a wide range of individuals; this may mean having the option to increase the size of the text or to play an audio reel that sums up the copy on the page.

A video offers those that would otherwise have difficulty reading a webpage, the opportunity to access the information relatively easily. Whats more subtitles and scripts can include keywords that the company is optimising for, enhancing their search engine optimisation.

Google Universal Search " The final, and arguably the most important point of all is the fact that Google indexes videos from individual websites and YouTube in a separate search function.

Clicking on the show options tab, Google enables internet users to disseminate information by media type. There is currently the option to search results that are in an image, video format or those specifically from blogs, news sites and social media websites.

As an example, if a tiling company posts a video on YouTube entitled, How to lay floor tiles, and an internet user searches for this on Google and opts for video results, it is likely that the companies post will appear.

This goes to show that YouTube is another valuable platform for business owners to market their business.

Are there any other social media websites of SEO tools that you use on a regular basis that you think could benefit an online marketing campaign? Share your tips and advice by leaving a comment below.

Danii works for the UK SEO company The Creare Group