Seems like there are others who agree that Universal Search may witness a reversal of fortune for Google. Take for instance Donna Bogatin and "Why Google Search Will NOT Rule The Universe".

What I find conspicuously absent from the Google dialogue is Froogle Google Products.

Is this a failure to monetize? Or is it a conversation to come? Methinks the latter.

Clothing afterall, has just usurped computers in terms of purchases made online.

A new era in ecommerce is about to begin. And yet, nothing from the company that launched Froogle and Google Checkout.

And what does this have to do with search marketing?

Two words.


Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy

PS - Nice catch by regarding the intimation that Google may soon show other than text ads in its results. Nah. Can't be. Surely not. Oh wait, that would explain why they bought Doubleclick.