Website Foundations That Make Customers Come In And Stay

Websites need to be clear for two audiences; for the search engines so they can make sure the site is ranked high enough for people to find it, and it has to be interesting enough for us humans that come to those websites to stay and contact the site owner.

Google changes their requirements up to 500 times a year so trying to build your site around what Google wants would be a very difficult task so this old dog would instead like to make some suggestions on how to keep people on your site and encourage visitors to contact you.


How To Keep People On Your Site

Think of your site as an art gallery. Visitors enter the main doors of your site full of hope. They hope you have the answer to their question. That they will be able to solve their current problem.

When they land in your front foyer and have no idea where to go to get the answers they need- they will turn on their heels and walk out (or in other terms, hit that dreaded BACK button). You don't want that!

Clearly State What You Do

Think of the top three questions people will ask when searching for your product or services and make sure you answer them easily and clearly right there on the home page.

If you are a dentist say "Family Dentist", "extended hours" "Automated insurance submissions". If you are a custom home builder say "over 100 happy home owners live in our homes" "built on time and on budget" "Design, permits and construction services all in one shop"... Does that make sense?

Put Your Contact Information Up Front

Now that you have their attention, make sure you direct the visitor to where they can get more information.

Clear navigation; phone number in the top right corner so they can call you; address under the phone number if they will need to come to you; a request info form so they can ask you to contact them.

Show Them You Can Be Trusted

Now they know you do what they need, and can contact you easily; you should let them know that you can be trusted. Include some testimonials of clients or logos of reparable companies you do business with.


NOW you have a website WORTH paying attention to. Visitors will now feel comfortable to browse around your site and find out what ELSE you do. You have given them a clear information booth and tour guide to your business and they will want to do business with you.

What's the best thing you've done for your site?

About the Author: Pamela Taylor

My job at SEP allows me to be constantly learning, and sharing my new found knowledge with co-workers and clients. Love learning every day. Those who know me know I love to laugh :)

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