Apologies for the long delay getting the week 2 wrap up out, and even week 3 for that matter. Between attending SMX in Seattle, sponsoring and attending SES in Toronto, and trying to operate a business, I got really busy somewhere along the line. Imagine that.

In any case, enough about me. Back to the contest. To be honest, week 2 was very slow. Lots of voting, but very few submissions. The 2 submissions received were:

1) 'We Are the Champions' - Parody of the Queen Song by Angele

2) 'Hello I'll Link You' - A Doors 'Hello I Love You' Parody by Umb

I've an open call out to each of the search engines to ask for their submissions. It would be interesting to hear a different perspective ... you know ... the anti spam POV. I understand there might be a submission or 2 coming from the engines themselves.

Again, please remember to submit at least 2 verses and a chorus for each song, otherwise it will not be approved. Also, if you make negative inferences about someone, please know that we will first get their approval ... which may delay the speed with which the submission is approved.

Last, and this is rather exciting, depending on your perspective. The winning entry will be announced on Jim Hedger's and Dave Davies' Webmaster Radio Show - The Alternative ... I believe July 5th. Rumour has it that Jim will sing the winning entry, and apparently I'm to accompany Jim.

Back to the Contest.

Thanks again all, and please do keep up the submissions.

Jeff Quipp and the entire SEP Team