What Your Site Is About in Ten Seconds

At the beginning of the week, I asked the following questions:

What is your message? If you wanted your site to say "one thing???, what would it be? Is that message represented well in the search engines?

Raise your hand if you thought about that post for more than about 5 seconds. C'mon, don't everyone raise their hands at once. What? Just a couple of you! Ok, that's what I thought, so today I'm going to challenge you to answer the following, and I want to see your answer in the comments so I know you actually participated. 🙂

stopwatchToday's task: Explain what your site is all about in ten seconds or less. If you need to substitute "widget" type words, that's fine. I'm not looking to steal anyone's niche ideas. I am hoping to spark a thought process in you, however. I want you to boil down your business to its most important element - its core - its very essence. Once you have that ten-second core message worked out (and published in the comments below), now see if that core message is well represented in search. (You don't have to share those details below if you don't want, just the message itself).

I don't have a real contest or prize in mind at the moment, but I will likely do something nice for someone who actually participates in this task.

Bonus points for anyone who understands why this might be a useful task to undertake. 🙂

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