Three thousand Twitter followers, 5,000 Facebook fans, and 50,000 automated MySpace mates. Marketers use a lot of numbers to express the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. But if you ask business owners the number that best reflects more cash coming in, the majority of proprietors will check none of the above.

Because for most business owners developing a targeted email list is still the best way to convert leads to customers online.

But I get it. Building an email list in 2011 isnt sexy. Its not hip, new, and its been around as long as dial up internet access itself. Well, thats only one of the reasons it works so well.

While online marketing continues to evolve, email marketing continues to quietly deliver ROI year after year. And a strategy with that kind of staying power is worth doing more than just take note of. Its worth taking action on. Below are four reasons you should be developing an email list, even in 2011:


Email marketing has been around since the 90s. There are benefits to that. For example, set up is easy and affordable.

The industry standard for email marketing / auto responder services is a company called aWeber. Youll be charged a small recurring monthly fee to join aWeber, but the quick setup, detailed analytics program and email templates make it well worth the small cost of entry.


How many emails do you get a day? Twenty five? Fifty? One Hundred? In any case you probably get more email than youd like. But you probably open and skim through the majority of them as well, especially if its something of interest.

Now, how many Twitter updates are posted to your feed every single day? Thousands? The number of updates are so ridiculous I need a CMS like HootSuite just to manage them all.  In 2011, more time and attention is still given to individual emails than individual social media blasts.


Email is much easier to automate than the social web. Sometimes you only need to type up 8 or 9 email messages in an auto responder sequence, space them out over time, and let them run. Its the closest thing I know to true set it and forget it marketing on the web.

Sell Stuff:

Having an email list makes it much easier to sell stuff. Say, for example, theres a fancy new e-book youve just created and would like to make a few bucks off of. When youve got an established email list its simply a matter of writing an email, clicking send, waiting for traffic and usually a few buyers to come in.

And if your subscribers dont buy your own product, no worries. You can always send them an email about an affiliate offer they might prefer instead.

Email marketing and making money, two things that are still cool even in 2011.