Why Use Conversion Optimization to Increase Leads


Did you know that for every $92 Marketers spend to acquire traffic, on average only $1 is spent to optimize it, and turn this traffic into Leads?

This is crazy!

With the amount of budget and effort that businesses put into driving traffic to their sites, it's wasteful to be allowing traffic to simply bounce off the site and leave without returning any value. It's inefficient to not offer conversion points and sales language on your landing pages. It's unacceptable to allow people to come to your site and leave without being able to figure out what you do.

Did you know:

  • 22% of consumers say it would only take a single poor experience for them to leave the website and shop elsewhere
  • after a subpar experience on a company's website, 43% of online consumers had a less positive perception of the company, and a third went on to tell others about it
  • despite these abysmal stats, 81% of marketers spend only 15% or Less of their budget to optimize their sites for conversions
  • Who all are these businesses, that they can afford to keep sending people to their site and letting the traffic go once it gets there? It's like advertising to get people into your store, and once they get there, you ignore them and won't take their money. It's so easy to explain what you do, add some conversion points, and run some A/B testing. Not optimizing your site for conversions is like pouring money down the drain.

    Speaking of conversion points, Small Business websites, athough typically focused on getting the sale, are still no shining example of websites optimized to convert traffic to leads.

    In fact:

    • Six out of 10 SMB websites in the U.S. are missing either a local or toll-free telephone number on the home page to contact the business.
  • 74.7 percent of SMB websites lack an email link on their home page for consumers to contact the business.
  • 65.7 percent of SMB websites lack a form-fill option to enable consumers to request information.
  • 93.3 percent of SMB websites are not mobile compatible and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones
  • -From a recent study from BIA/Kelsey and vSplash

    If I could get in-house marketers to understand one thing, it would be the value of doing Conversion Rate Optimization on their websites. The Conversions team at SEP has run A/B tests here that have literally doubled the conversion rate of a landing page on the first try. Not that you can expect to double your conversion rates every time you run a test, an increase of conversions of 5-10% is more reasonable, but still - if you're not even trying, what are you achieving?

    If you do nothing else, increase the efficiency of the budget you're already spending, and make more money from your existing budgets.

    About the Author: Helen M. Overland

    Vice President at Search Engine People, helping clients with Conversion Optimization, Analytics, and On-Page SEO. Online Marketer since June 2000, Internet geek since 1994. Follow me on twitter at @semlady to see what I'm reading now.


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