Why You Should Be Remarketing Your Business Online

Any business that wants to get real with their online marketing needs to be remarketing itself online. You know when you go to a website then you see their ads follow you around the web, that's Google Remarketing. In this post I will teach you why should should be remarketing your business online and how it can help you reach more customers.

What Remarketing Does

If you're spending money on PPC then you already know that you're spending money on your site. Potentially thousands of dollars. What's the bounce rate on your site? 50-60% is typical. That means that for every 100 people you drive to your site that 60 of them will leave. Even if that number is less for PPC traffic, you're leaving tons of people on the table.

Remarketing allows Google to track everyone that comes to your site and put your ads in front of them on other sites.

Note: If you haven't tried remarketing, you need to jump on the bandwagon, it's worth it. If you're using remarketing you should click here to learn about creating different lists (based on analytics data). If you don't know how to setup a remarketing campaign, you can get a full detailed explanation on how to setup everything here.

Why Should I Be Remarketable

After you put the snippet of code on your site you can follow anyone that came to your site onto other sites that allow Google Ads. They will see your ads. When they see your ads they will recognize your brand (because they have been there in the past). This is a sure way to get them to see your ads. Now you are no longer leaving people that visit your site to never return again.

People who visit your site and come back from remarketing banners are 3x more likely to purchase from you. They trust your brand, they know you. We've done test with clients that have had up to a 5x return on spend with remarketing ads. They already know your brand so you're not pushing something new on them. The brain is much more likely to accept something it knows.

Remarketing is a way to reach out and advertise special offers to people who have already been to your site. These people can be shown different offers or promotions than people visiting your site for the first time. Not to mention that you can send them to a different page than the normal traffic.

That's not all you can do with remarketing. With remarketing you can also create lists of people who have purchased something on your site. Remarketing is a great way to send out promos and deals to those customers that purchased something on your site. You can target them individually. It's easy to setup in your Adwords account. You can find an easy explanation here. Do this, it will help you separate everything out and get customers returning all the time.

Bottom line, you should be remarketing your business to not lose out on the 50%+ of people that may be interested in your product but are leaving before they give it a fair chance. Let us know in your comments below if you've had amazing success with remarketing. We also would like to know of businesses that remarketing hasn't worked for them. Looking forward to your comments!

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