So you heard that one of the best and easiest ways to promote your business online is with the use of social media sites. So, you set up your Twitter account but after months of following other businesses and individuals, you realized that nobody even took the time to follow at all. What could have possibly gone wrong? You then ask yourself if the experts who recommended that you use Twitter were wrong when they said that this was a great tool to promote your products and services.

If this was a fad, then why are other businesses even trying to do marketing through Twitter? Maybe you were just doing Twitter practices that are impeding your progress with the community. Here are some of the things that you must always avoid when doing Twitter marketing.

Talk More and Never Listen

Twitter marketing should be a conversation between two friends. When you talk to your friend, you allot some time for each other to talk and listen, right? Those who do not succeed in Twitter marketing are the ones who think that they could just exploit the use of the website simply to discuss their products and services. They only log into their Twitter accounts if they want to promote offers and discounts. If you met a person and did not give you room to talk about whats on your mind but talked endlessly about himself, would you be impressed? You certainly would get bored, right?

The same can be said when it comes to Twitter marketing. You do not only communicate your needs but allow some room for your audience to have a two-way communication with you. What you can do is Tweet a post asking them what they think about your business as a whole or if they like particular products and services.

You are Nowhere to Be Found

Unlike other social media platforms, Tweets move with the speed of light. Miss a day and you are no longer seen on Twitter. If someone sends you a Tweet, then you should be able to answer the person before this is gone from his mind. Tweeter users are not just following your business. They are also following other business entities and individuals, as well. Update your Twitter account daily so that when they see you in their accounts, they will have something that will make them visit your Twitter page once again or simply remind them that your business does exist and is still actively open.

You are Tweeting the Wrong Stuff

Tweeting using a personal account in comparison to a business account is very much different. With a personal Twitter account, you can Tweet anything you want. When you have a business Twitter page, while it does help to be informal at times when answering Tweets, you have to remember that you are still promoting a business entity. Be selective of the things you post and make it a point that this is relevant to what your business is all about. Lets say that you have a business that offers financial consulting services. Do you think it would be relevant to post stuff about health?

You are Following the Wrong Twitter Users

Think of it as an investment. You follow Twitter users in the hopes of being followed, as well. Instead of following business entities that divert from the kinds of products and services that you offer, choose the ones that are in line with your business. You can tell by the Tweets of users if they will somewhat be able to like your business and add them to the list of the people you are following.