Business Blogging 101

The inclusion of business blogs are slowly but surely emerging as a growing trend across the spectrum of SMB, mid-size, and large corporations. No matter what the size of your firm, taking the steps to implement a few blogging best practices can help you test the waters, and be prepared for the future with a scaleable solution should you plan to promote your corporate blog heavily.

Giving the go-ahead for starting a corporate blog is a management decision, not a technical one. However, once you've decided to implement your blog, it is important to choose the right blogging platform that will suit your needs, and provide room for growth and customization in the future. While there are multiple blogging platforms available commercially and for free, WordPress is perhaps the most versatile of the lot, and will provide you the freedom of cusitomizing your business blog for any and all changes you intend to make in the future.


5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Right Blogging Platform for You

  1. Having a self-hosted WordPress blog has zero recurring costs, and can be set-up and customized in as little as 1 hour.
  2. Unlike hosting your blog on Blogger or TypePad platforms, you own your own content and have no restrictions on what you can or cannot do on your blog.
  3. WordPress offers multiple customization options including thousands of free themes that can used to customize the look and feel of your blog. You can also custom design your blog's look and feel to integrate into your current website design.
  4. WordPress also supports thousands of free plugins to augment the functionality and usability of your blog's interface for a variety of functions including but not limited to commenting, podcasting, image slideshows, live chat functions, and more.
  5. WordPress is backed by an ardent support community, and new releases are often issued to provide security and functionality updates. Furthermore, it's easy to upgrade to a new version of WordPress without disrupting your blog's uptime!