Search Engine People is extremely generous (my boss is standing behind me...). The extra mile is the usual distance we put in for our clients and more often than not a complete team is working on their project.

At a price.

And because Search Engine People is extremely successful at what it does that price is not the lowest in the industry. For the quality and dedication it certainly is the best price but still it might not be something you can fork over at this point.

There are places to go, of course. Forums. E-books. SEO software. Sites that charge extra to get to "premium" content.

My boss, Jeff Quipp, has been very clear about this with us though; "We can't deliver these people the time and attention they deserve at what they can pay us early on in the game but we're not going to nickel and dime them. We're not a Mickey Mouse outfit."

Instead what we're going to do is share with you, completely and honestly, what we do and how we do it. And we're going to do that with you and your site in mind.

Now why would we do that? Why would we be giving away our stealth secrets, our bread and butter?

Simple: we don't.

Imagine an Olympic swimmer instructing you on how to swim. Does that make you an Olympic swimmer or a swimmer? Exactly...

No, we have nothing to fear by helping others. Sure, when we tell you to get a link we don't give you our source. But you're smart. You're running a site, an online business; you'll come up with your own ideas.

So, for the coming weeks, stand by and get back often as you and I are going to make your site more successful.