What's on your search wish list this holiday season? Is there something you want from Santa Baby? (er, Santa Google or Santa Yahoo or ... you get the idea). To celebrate the holiday season and the coming new year, it's contest time! And of course, the prizes are on everyone's wish list all the time, but we'll get to the prizes momentarily. (No peeking).

First, what do you have to do to win the 2007 Holiday Wish List / 2008 Predictions List contest? It's simple. Just comment on this post! Include at least one item to be placed on the Search Wish List or the Search Predictions List.

The wish list might include things such as "Santa Google, Please get rid of the DMOZ directory and create your own" or "Santa Yahoo, please increase your market share by 10% next year" or "Santa Live, please give us an Adsense competitor that really rocks". The predictions list might include things like "Google's share price will reach $1000 in 2008" or "Ask will become the 2nd leading search engine", etc.

That's it! Two lucky winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, December 20, 2007. (That's just 3 days from now, so get those lists written quickly!)

Now, before I let you peek at the prizes, here's a rendition of my favorite holiday song, Santa Baby, just to get you into the spirit of the contest. (Ok, you can scroll down and peek at the prizes if you insist).

The prizes are:

  1. The First Place Winner gets a free 30 days Wordze Account and a copy of Aaron Wall's famous SEO Book. ($115 value)
  2. The Second Place Winner gets a free 30 day Wordze account. ($35 value, but just using the tool is priceless). 😉

Just in case you've missed all my previous posts about Wordze, you can learn more about it, see videos on how to use it, and see how it compares to other keyword research tools at their comparison chart. But the quick, down and dirty top 3 reasons for wanting to use Wordze are:

  1. Endless amount of Keywords, Trends, and Competitor Data
  2. Speed, and Pricing w/ optional automation via Api
  3. The ability to quickly dig down and grab quality long-tail keywords

And if you don't know about the SEO Book (which is nearly impossible), you can get all the scoop here, but surely you already know that Aaron's SEO Book is the best there is.

Ok, now...go! Comment! Tell the search engines what's on your wish list for next year, and give your predictions for search as well. Good luck to everyone!

This holiday/year-end contest brought to you by Wordze and SEO Scoop.