Business Blogging Strategy

Blogging is nothing to scoff at: quite the opposite. In fact, almost 60% of companies who blog said that they have gained new customers or revenue from their business blogs! (HubSpot). Constructing a strong blog strategy is part and parcel of the Inbound Marketing methodology, as it is instrumental in positioning your brand as an authority, and moving prospects through the sales funnel.

With business blogging strategy and optimization services from SEP, you will:

  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Generate more leads
  • Establish your brand as an authority in your industry
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Drive long term results through content that piques interest, educates, and entices your ideal buyers

Our Business Blogging Services

SEP works with clients to create custom, comprehensive business blog strategies that are integrated within a holistic Inbound Marketing approach. We focus on the following to help our clients generate the results they expect from their digital marketing efforts:

  • Understanding Your Target Buyer - Who is the ideal audience of your blog? We will work with you to identify and define your target buyer(s), so that the most relevant content they want and need is provided to them.
  • Keyword Research - Our team will conduct ongoing keyword analysis to evaluate keyword trends and identify ranking opportunities.
  • Mapping to The Buying Cycle - Not all of your prospective customers are going to be at the same stage in the buying process. That's why we map keywords and subject matter to the buying cycle, to ensure that you are reaching prospects at all stages during the decision process.
  • Editorial Strategy - A proper blog strategy always includes a clear editorial direction and a timeline. Our team will construct an editorial calendar based on keyword research, competition, seasonality, trending topics and more to ensure that your blogging efforts have maximum impact.
  • Content Creation and Promotion - After the planning phase, we will create high-quality, keyword optimized blogs and promote them using the channels appropriate for your business.