Case Study: Financial Service Client

SEP protects client from malicious SEO attack


A Canadian financial services client in a highly competitive industry was successfully ranking on the first page of for many of their main keyword terms.

SEP’s proprietary GotFound™ software alerted Account Managers and SEO Specialists that a large number of new links to the client’s site had been indexed by Google. This large quantity of links can often be a red flag, indicating that another party is undertaking negative SEO techniques to impact the rankings of their competitor.

With the challenge of discovering why this occurred, and where these links came from, Search Engine People looked for a solution that would not only remove these links as soon as possible, but protect the client from future negative SEO attacks.


Upon investigating the source of the links, it appeared that a competitor attempted to disrupt the client’s SEO success. The competitor posted over 8,000 low quality, spammy blog comments linking back to the client’s website.  After analyzing the client’s backlinks with in-house software, SEP determined that the party who undertook this negative SEO tactic likely used an automated tool to generate a large number of spammy blog comments.

Low-Quality Links Discovered

SEP worked to create a disavow file (which included a list of these poor quality links) to submit to Google, indicating that these low quality or irrelevant links should not be associated with the client’s site.


Fortunately, with SEP’s innovative software and proactive team effort this issue was addresed immediately before it could have any impact on the client’s site and rankings.

The decision was made to provide the client with an ongoing link monitoring service going forward to ensure that any other negative SEO attempts would be discovered and rectified quickly.

Additionally, the discovery of the 8000 low-quality links meant that SEP prevented the client’s site from being hit by either a manual penalty or Penguin penalty from Google. A penalty would have been disastrous for the client, since 100% of their business happens online. The client’s entire business could have been hurt until the penalty was lifted, which could take months of time and effort.

The client was extremely pleased that SEP was able to catch this issue before it became a larger problem, and that we were able to protect their business in the long term.