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Submitting Your Guest Blog Post

Submit your guest post

We like to think of the articles on Search Engine People as beautifully useful: eye-pleasing, brain tickling content.


Think great resource or "how to" posts, step-by-step processes explained, solid in-depth analysis.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure your target audience walks away from your piece with actionable items; to not only inform but to give them the tools, knowledge and the drive to go out there and "just do it!"


On the web, a sentence is a paragraph.

Five sentences is a wall of text: add photos to your content, liberally. Use illustrations, screenshots.

As a rule we host images ourselves, either on our server or via our Flickr account; it helps protect third parties, is the polite thing to do and prevents images going 404.

If your images aren't already uploaded to our Flickr account we'll upload them for you before publishing your post.

Contact the editor at for image hosting.

Your Official Google News Site Post

Three words: make it rock!

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For Who?

Among others, Search Engine People is being read by SEO/SEM industry professionals, marketing professionals, DIY small business site owners, corporate in-house SEO teams and CEO's looking for a bit of understanding.

Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to say to whom so you can address your target audience in the right tone, explaining where needed while knowing what to expect as common knowledge.


The first 100 words of your post appear on the front page of the blog. Make sure they draw people in: this is where you pitch your article, where you sell it.

A common format for articles, but one we don't oblige you to stick with, starts of with what the article is about, what it solves; then the full body of the article; then a wrap-up of what was just said or solved.

The Article

Use as many words as you need. If you think it's getting way too long, consider setting up a series of posts with us.

Write with your audience in mind, making things as clear as possible without dumbing it down.


H2 for sub-headlines

B for bold

I for italics


You're encouraged to link out: this is the web and we're all friends here.

Feel free to link to your own site, company or private, where relevant. Don't bend content just to have the right anchor text pointing at your site.


While you as the author retain the original rights to your article, you agree to not republish it elsewhere but for an excerpt. Oh, and it's self-evident that the submitted article is original, doesn't defame anyone, and hasn't been published elsewhere.

After the Submission of Your Official Google News Post

You'll be notified within four weeks of your submission of the expected posting date of your article.

Of course it can also happen that your submission is (initially) rejected. We may reject a submission because we've recently dealt with its topic or feel we've covered it sufficiently for now; because there's no slot available soon enough and we don't want to stake claim to your content indefinitely; or, because the tone doesn't fit our blog.

In general we we accept posts which are expected to do exceptionally well with our target audience.

Submit your guest post