Google Announces Major Change to It’s Mobile Ranking Algorithm

Google Announces Major Change to It’s Mobile Ranking Algorithm

Google’s New Mobile Ranking Update Will Launch in July 2018

This month Google announced a new ranking algorithm designed for mobile search, called “Speed Update.” Google stated that “starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.” The new algorithm will only impact a small percentage of queries, as they are focusing on pages that deliver the slowest experience to users.

Page Speed Is Now an Official Mobile Ranking Factor

Though Google has hinted that this day was coming, only now are they making it an official mobile ranking factor. SEP was not surprised by this update, as we have spent years informing clients about the importance of speed in determining both desktop organic rankings and AdWords quality score. Anticipating that page speed would eventually play a more significant role in mobile rankings.

What Does Google’s New Mobile Ranking Algorithm Mean to You

For those of you who are worried about what this means to your business, we will share what we have learned so far.

1.Technology is not a factor- The algorithm does not factor in the technology that is used to build webpages. Though responsive websites and AMP pages are believed to improve mobile rankings. If for any reason the experience on those pages are slow, then those slow pages can still be negatively impacted by Speed Update. Therefor it is not enough to just have AMP pages, those pages need to be optimized for speed.

2. Content and user experience trumps speed-User experience is still of primary importance to Google, and page speed is just one factor in overall performance. A slower page may still out rank competitors if it has more relevant content, and a better user experience. Therefor adhering to the standards that Google has set for mobile site development is imperative to rank in mobile search.

3. Impacts sites with the slowest experience-Google’s Speed Update will impact websites that provide the slowest experience. And though Google hasn’t provided any criteria as to how to determine which sites will be impacted. We can only assume that each industry will have different performance criteria, that is dependent on how well competing websites are optimized for speed. Just as with all SEO, your site will need to be the best if you want to be at the top in search ranking results.

Google Will Not Warn Websites Who Are at Risk

It is important to note that Google will not be warning websites that are at risk, and they will not inform websites that get hit by the update. Google is however, providing ample time to make the necessary changes, which is why it is essential that you are proactive now to ensure that when July comes your business is not negatively impacted.

Work with Search Engine People to Improve Mobile Rankings

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