Get more traffic to your website and maximize your ROI with Bing Advertising

Many people tend to discount the value of Bing because it has a much smaller market share than Google; this is a mistake. Potential customers are searching for services and products like yours on Bing, including ones who don't search on Google. Don't you want to reach them? Our team of Bing advertising certified PPC specialists will help you:

  • Create, implement, and manage specialized Bing Ads campaigns
  • Expand your audience so you reach the right prospects, at the right time, with the right messages
  • Maximize your MROI through continual tracking, improvement and optimization
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Why Use Bing Ads and Bing Advertising

  • A way to expand your reach to users outside of Google (45 million searchers do not use Google!)
  • Easy to import much of Google PPC campaigns directly into Bing Ads
  • Ability to reach audiences on Bing, Yahoo and their syndicated search partners
  • 71 character ad copy limit (longer than Google AdWords)
  • Bing advertising has a higher conversion rate than Google AdWords

Why Search Engine People?

At SEP, we have a team of PPC advertising and management experts who truly specialize in their craft. Each specialist who will work on your integrated PPC campaign is both Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified, with the expertise necessary to maximize the impact of your PPC advertising across every medium, including Bing, Google, display networks and social media.

Expand your reach and start driving more targeted traffic to your website with Canada's PPC experts!