Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Google has unprecedented industry dominance in the digital world, which makes it an ideal place to advertise your business. With the Google Display Network, your advertising systems can be heightened even further, with an incredible potential customer reach and viewership. Our team at Search Engine People are experts at using the Google Display Network for our clients. As the first AdWords certified company in Canada, we have a long history of experience and success with Google advertising,

Why The Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a collection of over a million digital spaces that have partnered with Google, and that show only the Google Display ads they are provided with. These digital spaces include websites, apps, video pages and blogs; in over 30 languages, 100 countries, and reaching over 80% of the population online daily. This is different than Google search advertising, as these ads are only displayed on the Google website and nowhere else.

The display network runs similarly to other Google advertising methods. With the help of a Search Engine People expert, you can narrow down a list of keywords that have shown success and regular searches online. These keywords are then how Googles algorithms pick and choose particular partnered websites that fit with your brand, and become the home for your new ads.

Outside of its reach for potential customers, there are other fantastic benefits to using the Google Display Network. You are able to immediately measure the performance of your ad. Youre able to view how people are interacting with it, who its reaching, and where. Because of its targeting methods, you are able to reach the particular customers you want. You can also use the ad types you want, so whether you want to display a small text ad, to a large banner video ad, you can display what you want.

Interested in displaying your company on the largest display advertising networks in the world? Contact us today and well help you to get more viewership, on more websites, in no time!